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Raspberry Camera Case

Raspberry Camera Case

Raspberry Camera Case

Now available the ultimate solution to protect the new Raspberry Camera Module.RPI-CAM_StandThanks to this innovative project created by TEKO, what till now was impossible becomes true. The unique features of new Raspberry Camera Module require a specific smart housing to obtain the highest performances.RPI-CAM_TiltYou can choose to assemble this new addon both directly on TEK-BERRY and any other case you already have (RPI-CAM), or buy the KIT including Raspberry's case and Camera Module's case (TEK-CAM).


The accessories included in the KIT allow to fix RPI-CAM Module to any surface simply a textile faston or a screw.


Three standard color versions :

.0 (Transparent) - .9 (Black) - .40 (White)

Custom colours available upon request and with a MOQ of 500 unitsi.

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