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Dernières nouvelles du monde Teko

Remote Control CaseFresh design for the remote control case featuring rounded edges available both as compact unit (13120) and with push button combination from one to four (13121, 13122, 13124). Internal pillars for PCB fixing. Two colour versions: white/light gray and black/light gray. Protection bumper in solid plastic or polished chromed metal. LED aperture on the cover. Closing by one screw. Suitable to accept button cells, accessorizable with battery holder AB2032.


USB Dongle Pendrive CaseSmall and clean design for the most diversified USB devices such as Dongle, Pendrive and Wireless transmitters. Self-snap closing of cover and bottom completed by a soft feel protection bumper and rubber connector cap. LED guidelight on the cover to monitor device activity. Recessed area on the bottom for labels and markings. Standard colour white and light gray. Custom colours according to Company identity: MOQ 500 pieces.


TEKO is proud to introduce our own housing solution for new Raspberry Pi Model B+.

Thanks to the experience collected with TEK-BERRY, we have developed the most evoluted solution to protect and in the meantime take advantage of your new Raspberry Pi Model B+

Raspberry Pi Model B+ Case

Technical specifications:

  • External dimensions: 100X73X29,5mm
  • Colours: White (.40) Black (.9) Clear Transparent (0.)
  • Material: Flame retardant ABS+PC
  • Matt surface finish
  • Easy and secure snap-on closing
  • Allow commercial touch display integration
  • Vents holes for heat dissipation
  • LED guidelight to display the Raspberry Pi's status
  • Mounting holes inside the top to fit Camera Module
  • Perfect fit with RPI-VESA mounting element
  • Perfect fit with RPI-CAM
  • Easy access to MicroSD memory cardRaspberry Pi Model B+ Case

    Raspberry Pi Model B+ CaseRaspberry Pi Model B+ CaseRaspberry Pi Model B+ CaseRaspberry Pi Model B+ CaseRaspberry Pi Model B+ Case


Now available the ultimate solution to protect the new Raspberry Camera Module.RPI-CAM_StandThanks to this innovative project created by TEKO, what till now was impossible becomes true. The unique features of new Raspberry Camera Module require a specific smart housing to obtain the highest performances.RPI-CAM_TiltYou can choose to assemble this new addon both directly on TEK-BERRY and any other case you already have (RPI-CAM), or buy the KIT including Raspberry's case and Camera Module's case (TEK-CAM).


The accessories included in the KIT allow to fix RPI-CAM Module to any surface simply a textile faston or a screw.


Three standard color versions :

.0 (Transparent) - .9 (Black) - .40 (White)

Custom colours available upon request and with a MOQ of 500 unitsi.




TEKO know-how comes into play by presenting on the market the new case “TEK-BEAGLE” specific for housing the “Beagleboard XM (Rev. C) card. Following the success of TEK-BERRY - our solution to housing Raspberry PI - we are now pleased to propose the new TEK-BEAGLE.

TEK-BEAGLE_Beagleboard Case_1


The new case “TEK-BEAGLE” features a fresh and innovative design that, complemented by technical solutions aimed at enhancing the performances of embedded Mini-PC, identifies the well-know TEKO-Style.

TEK-BEAGLE_Beagleboard Case_5

TEK-BEAGLE  Specifiche tecniche

Flame retardant material Bayblend  (ABS  + PC) – Flame class VO -  to ensure an excellent mechanical strength even when exposed to high temperatures.

Fast and secure closing by 4 screws on the bottom.

Internal fixing studs for an easy  and intuitive fixing of the “Beagleboard-XM”.

TEK-BEAGLE_Beagleboard Case_4

Aeration slots on all the perimeter of the base for a proper airflow in order to not overheat the components.
Sides of the case protrude to protect the connectors.

TEK-BEAGLE_Beagleboard Case_7

Supply includes 4 transparent non-slip feet that cover the screws.

TEK-BEAGLE_Beagleboard Case_8

Available standard colors: ice white.40 – black .9 – transparent .0
Production in custom colors requires a MOQ = 500pcs.



No more cables, and connectors to Your desk by using the new accessory for TEK-BERRY developed by TEKO that allows to operate at a tidy workstation! The RPI-VESA adapter perfectly suits to the standard VESA 50, 75 and 100 and ensures compatibility with most of the screens on the market.

raspberry-pi-vesa-adapter-1   raspberry-pi-vesa-adapter-2

Easy to install by means of 4XM4-countersunks screws (not included). The simple fixing  system allows to firmly hold Your Raspberry-PI into our TEK-BERRY case.

raspberry-pi-vesa-adapter-3   raspberry-pi-vesa-adapter-4

Minimal designed and completely transparent, the RPI-VESA Adapter can be perfectly used as wall bracket, ideal for industrial applications (home automation, IT-technology, security systems etc.).

raspberry-pi-vesa-adapter-5   raspberry-pi-vesa-adapter-6

 The benefits of using our RPI-VESA:

  • significant reduction of the cables from Your desk
  • no danger of liquids or dirt falling on your Raspberry-PI
  • high visual impact
  • simple and intuitive system for fixing and dismounting with the TEK-BERRY
  • suitable for standard VESA50, VESA75 and VESA100
  • possibility of mounting on all types of surfaces (wall, desktop, Rack cabinets, etc.)


As we know, the Raspberry Foundation offered the possibility to  maximize the performances of Raspberry-PI Rev. 2 by providing  a 512M-RAM and by overclocking up to 1GhZ without affecting  the warranty:

This inevitably leads to a substantial increase of the temperature of the main components and a consequent reduction in lifetime of the board.raspberry-pi-heatsink-cooling-kit-2To overcame this problem, TEKO has developed a cooling kit which allow to reduce the temperature. The kit consists of three heat sinks to apply directly on the SOC (BMC2835), on the USB/Ethernet (LAN 9512) and on the regulator voltage by means of the 3M thermal adhesive included in the kit.

raspberry-pi-heatsink-cooling-kit-3   raspberry-pi-heatsink-cooling-kit-4

The tests we did with thermal chamber by playing the QUAKE-3 DEMO , show a strong reduction of the temperature up to 12°C.

raspberry-pi-heatsink-cooling-kit-5   raspberry-pi-heatsink-cooling-kit-6

The benefits of using our KIT:

  • easy assembling assured by the 3M adhesive tape
  • extremely low profile to an easy access to GPIO
  • compatible with Raspberry PI Rev-1 and Rev-2
  • no noisy funs
  • extension of life of your Raspberry PI
  • reduction of failure risk


Now fully compatible with Raspberry PI Rev1 and Rev2Rapberry PI Rev1-Rev2_1Rapberry PI Rev1-Rev2_2 Rapberry PI Rev1-Rev2_3



Multifunction flat enclosure, modern designed, ideal for desktop, hand-held and wall mounting applications. Wide recessed area on the top part suitable for touch-screen displays up to 10” (204,5x158,5mm). This model is equipped with IP65 sealing kits for screws and case. Internal battery compartments on both sides to accept 2+2 1,5V mignon cells (AA). Internal bosses on top and bottom for an easy fixing of the PCB. Closing by four M3 screws.


New models from TEKNET series featuring a “T-shape”. ABS hand-held enclosures with elastomer grips (TPU) on the sides. Matt surface finishing. The recessed area on the cover is suitable to accept a keypad membrane. Internal pillars on top and bottom to fix PCB. Closing by four screws.

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